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Want to take part in a triathlon but a little unsure?

Share the Swim, Bike, Run with friends in a relay team.

Don't want to go it alone? Take part as a relay team of 2 or 3 and share the challenge of swim, bike and run!
All our events offer a 'Relay Team' option.
We just need the team captains info to complete an entry form and your team is good to go!


Just simply pick the discipline that you love and get your friends and family to choose what they'd like to do to complete your relay team.

Why not put together a family relay? Mum swims, Dad cycles and Son or Daughter runs? With many of our events being open to over 14's what better way than to get fit and active as a family.

Over the years many of our entrants have raised much needed funds for charity and have encouraged their loved ones to get involved too.

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With our relay distances starting from just a 400m swim - 18k bike - 5k run all the way up to our Ultimate Relay Event with a 2.4 mile swim - 112 mile bike - 26.2 mile run, there are relay options for everyone.

Whether you are a team who simply wants to take part or a tried and tested team who love a challenge we've got all bases covered.

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Under 14's want to get involved? We have kids relay options too for 5-16 yr olds...

Triathlon Relay: 150m swim - 4k bike - 2.5k run

Duathlon Relay: 600m run - 4k bike - 2500m run

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Relay Events 2022

Stratford Sprint Relay  400m swim - 18K cycle - 5k run 8th May 2022
Cheshire Sprint Relay  500m swim - 21K cycle - 5k run 22nd May 2022
Ultimate Relay 2.4 mile swim - 112 mile cycle - 26.2 mile run 12th June 2022
Ultimate 1/2 Relay 1.2 mile swim - 56 mile cycle - 13.1 mile run 12th June 2022
Ultimate 1/4 Relay 0.6 mile swim - 28 mile cycle - 6.5 mile run 12th June 2022
@Alderford Sprint Relay 750m swim - 20k cycle - 5k run 18th June 2022
@Alderford Olympic Relay 1500m swim - 40k cycle - 10k run 18th June 2022
Henley Sprint Relay  400m swim - 25K cycle - 5k run 3rd July 2022
York Sprint Relay  400m swim - 18k cycle - 5k run 31st July 2022
Shropshire Sprint Relay  750m swim - 25k cycle - 5k run 4th Sept 2022
Shropshire Olympic Relay  1500m swim - 39k cycle - 10k run 4th Sept 2022
Shropshire Middle Distance Relay  2000m swim - 78k cycle - 20k run 4th Sept 2022
North West Sprint Relay  500m swim - 21K cycle - 5k run 18th Sept 2022
Warwickshire Sprint Relay  400m swim - 18K cycle - 5k run 2nd Oct 2022