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Kids Events

Birmingham Kids Fun Duathlon Sutton Coldfield TBC
Henley Kids Fun Triathlon Henley-on-Thames 10th July 2021
Cheshire Kids Fun Duathlon Nantwich 24 July 2021
York Kids Fun Triathlon York 31st July 2021
South Coast 5k Family Fun Run Seaford, E. Sussex 22nd August 2021
North West Kids Fun Duathlon Nantwich 18th September 2021
Birmingham 5k Family Fun Run Sutton Coldfield 17th October 2021
Birmingham 5k Family Fun Run Sutton Coldfield April 2022 (tbc)

UK Triathlon Covid Safe Events

All UK Triathlon 2021 events

2020 brought the need for change in the way we run our events, in what could only be described as an exceptionally difficult year for all.

With six events safely & successfully delivered in 2020, we are confident we can fulfil our calendar of events in 2021.

We will continue to comply with social distancing and existing guidelines, following the format we delivered successfully last year.

Below you can read more detailed information on our current format and rest assured this will be amended/updated if/when necessary.

In the meantime, we wish you all the best with your training activities and look forward to welcoming you to an event soon.

Your Health before the Event
If you have any Covid-19 symptoms do not come to the event. If you develop symptoms within 14 days after the event and are tested positive, please contact UK Triathlon immediately.

Social Distancing
Can we please remind you it is each and every person's responsibility to social distance. The same will apply at all UK Triathlon events.

Start Format
Instead of mass starts throughout the day for open water events, each competitor will start at intervals, giving everyone their own individual start time and space. We run this format, very successfully, in all our pool-based triathlons and it works perfectly. Pool based events will also have slightly longer start intervals than usual between competitors.

At some events it may be necessary to ask that you don't unnecessarily bring spectators to help make social distancing easier for everyone.

Every competitor will be temperature checked before being allowed to register. Only two competitors will be allowed to register at a time. The queue for registration will be separated by ground markers to assure a minimum of 2 metre separation. We will provide a sanitising hand station which you must use before entering registration.

Hand Sanitising
There will be 10 hand sanitiser stations around the venue, please hand sanitise before registration, entering transition, finish line and whenever you have the opportunity to do so before and after the event.
Please sanitise before and after toilet use.

Race Brief
There will be a rolling live race brief at the poolside or lakeside. As competitors will start at regularly spaced intervals, this will prevent groups of people and a 2 metre distancing measure will be in operation.

Bike Course
Normal drafting rules apply.

Run Course
Overtake or pass other competitors at a minimum distance of 2 metres where possible.

Feed Stations Run & Finish line
Drinks will be dispensed for you at feed stations, High5 Energy Source & Water will be identified clearly with signs. Move away as quickly as possible allowing for other competitors. Bin your litter. When you have crossed the finish line, we ask you not to stay in that area for any longer than required. Drinks will be dispensed for you at the finish feed area, please move away as quickly as possible to allow other finishers through.

We will not operate our results screen at the event. Provisional results will be online at www.uktriathlon.co.uk later the same day.

Prize Presentation
Presentations will take place throughout the day, please observe 2 metre social distancing if attending the presentation.

Your Covid Officer is Vic Bickerton
If you wish to report anything regarding Covid safety, please report it to Vic located at the finish line.

Duathlon  - Open to children aged from 5 to 16 years

Triathlon - Open to children from 5 to 16 years

These events are an ideal way to encourage children to get active & healthy by taking part in sporting disciplines that are more than likely already a big part of their lives.

With our specially designed courses we could be seeing the next Vicky Holland or Brownlee brothers in the making!

5K Family Fun Run - (Under 12's go FREE in the 5k but MUST be accompanied by a full paying adult)

Every finisher receives a commemorative 'Finishers Medal'.

Kids Events

All of our kids triathlons & duathlons are broken down into the following catagories, allowing the child to decide which distance is best for them.

Duathlon Distances - Run-Bike-Run

For Guidance Only Event Name Run Bike Run
5-7 yrs TIN 100m 1k 500m
6-9 yrs ZINC 200m 1k 500m
8-11 yrs STEEL 200m 2k 1000m
10-13 yrs BRONZE 400m 3k 1500m
12-15 yrs SILVER 400m 4k 2000m
13-16 yrs GOLD 600m 4k 2500m
All Ages RELAY TEAM 600m 4k 2500m


Triathlon Distances - Swim-Bike-Run

For Guidance Only Event Name Swim Bike Run
5-7 yrs (Henley & York only) TIN

10m (Henley)

18m (York)


500m (Henley)

300m (York)

6-9 yrs ZINC 25m 1k

500m (Henley)

700m (York)

8-11 yrs STEEL 50m 2k 1000m
10-13 yrs BRONZE 75m 3k 1500m
12-15 yrs SILVER 100m 4k 2000m
13-16 yrs GOLD 150m 4k 2500m
All Ages RELAY TEAM 150m 4k 2500m

All the events are non competitive so every child will be a winner.

We still record an overall time for each participant and list them alphabetically so, if they wish, they can compare times after the event.

The distances and number of laps are indicated below. SC = Short Course LC = Long Course

What does safe environment mean?

The whole race takes place within the confined space of the event arena, meaning the children are on site at all times. They do not cycle on the roads or run outside of the venue, both the cycle and run courses are on grass (with the exception of York which uses the cycle track & velodrome) and are multi lapped so you can watch your child at all times.

What equipment is needed to take part in a triathlon?

  • Swimming costume or trunks
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Trainers
  • Swimming goggles (optional)

What equipment is needed to take part in a duathlon?

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Trainers



Dear UK Triathlon team

I just wanted to say a huge thank from us at St Thomas', the children and parents had an absolutely amazing day.  The feedback from parents has been phenomenal in terms of seeing their children achieve something they never would have normally attempted, also the children have still been buzzing and talking about it (even wearing their medals in school today). It most certainly was an experience they will never forget.

This was a big investment for our school, so from a personal point of view, the event was extremely well organised both prior to and on the day. The UK Tri team made us feel really special throughout the day taking their time to do extra photos and make special announcements etc, this meant a lot to both myself and the children. I can genuinely say that Saturday will be one of my career highlights forever.

The children and myself wanted to send you all a picture of us with our medals to say a big thank you for creating the most amazing memories and giving us the most magnificent sense of achievement.

If I can be of any help in terms in speaking to other schools etc just let me know.

Many Thanks

Louise and Team St Thomas'