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Ready, set, go! Welcome to the UK Kids Fun Triathlon and Duathlon Series - six fantastic events, aimed at children aged 5 to 16 years! Take on a Run, Bike, Run Duathlon or Swim, Cycle, Run in one of the fun Triathlons, each event brings its own excitement and adventure.

They can even take on the challenge as a team of two or three!

Lace up your shoes, pump up those tires, and mark your calendars because these dates are not to be missed:

Alderford Kids Fun Triathlon Shropshire 15th June 2024
Chesham Kids Fun Triathlon Buckinghamshire 13th July 2024
York Kids Fun Triathlon Yorkshire 17th August 2024
North West Kids Fun Duathlon Cheshire 21st Sept 2024
Cheshire Kids Fun Duathlon Cheshire 10th May 2025
Henley Kids Fun Triathlon Oxfordshire 31st May 2025

With unique courses and plenty of fun in store, join us as we race, laugh, and celebrate the joy of sport at one of the UK Kids Fun Triathlon and Duathlon events!

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Duathlon  - Open to children aged from 5 to 16 years

Triathlon Pool based - Open to children from 5 to 16 years

Triathlon Open water - Open to children from 7 to 16 years

These events are an ideal way to encourage children to get active & healthy by taking part in sporting disciplines that are more than likely already a big part of their lives.

With our specially designed courses we could be seeing the next Vicky Holland or Brownlee brothers in the making!

Every finisher receives a commemorative 'Finishers Medal'.


Which distance suits your child?

All of our kids triathlons & duathlons are broken down into the following categories, allowing the child to decide which distance is best for them, all ages shown are purely for guidance.


Duathlon Distances - Run-Bike-Run

For Guidance Only Event Name Run Bike Run
5-7 yrs TIN 100m 1k 500m
6-9 yrs ZINC 200m 1k 500m
8-11 yrs STEEL 200m 2k 1000m
10-13 yrs BRONZE 400m 3k 1500m
12-15 yrs SILVER 400m 4k 2000m
13-16 yrs GOLD 600m 4k 2500m
All Ages RELAY TEAM 600m 4k 2500m


Triathlon Distances - Swim-Bike-Run

For Guidance Only Event Name Swim Bike Run
5-7 yrs TIN (Pool based triathlon only)

10m (Henley)

18m (York)

8M (Chesham)



6-9 yrs ZINC 25m 1k


8-11 yrs STEEL 50m 2k 1000m
10-13 yrs BRONZE 50m 3k 1500m
12-15 yrs SILVER 100m 4k 2000m
13-16 yrs GOLD 150m 4k 2500m
All Ages RELAY ZINC 25m 1k


All Ages RELAY BRONZE 50m 3k 1500m
All Ages RELAY GOLD 150m 4k 2500m

All the events are non competitive so every child will be a winner.

We still record an overall time for each participant and list them alphabetically so, if they wish, they can compare times after the event.

The distances and number of laps are indicated below. SC = Short Course LC = Long Course

What does safe environment mean?

The whole race takes place within the confined space of the event arena, meaning the children are on site at all times. They do not cycle on the roads or run outside of the venue, both the cycle and run courses are on grass (with the exception of York which uses the cycle track & velodrome) and are multi lapped so you can watch your child at all times.

What equipment is needed to take part in a triathlon?

  • Swimming costume or trunks
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Trainers
  • Swimming goggles (optional)

What equipment is needed to take part in a duathlon?

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Trainers

The UK Kids Fun Events serve as an engaging and empowering experience for young participants for several compelling reasons:

  1. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: The events encourages children to embrace an active lifestyle from a young age. It promotes the importance of physical fitness, overall well-being, and the joy of participating in diverse physical activities.

  2. Building Confidence and Resilience: Completing a triathlon or duathlon, even a "fun" version, instills a sense of accomplishment and resilience in children. Overcoming the challenges of swimming, cycling, and running fosters confidence, determination, and a positive mindset.

  3. Fostering Sportsmanship and Camaraderie: These events creates an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie. Children not only compete but also cheer for their peers, fostering a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork.

  4. Family and Community Involvement: Providing an opportunity for families to engage in a healthy, active pursuit together. Additionally, it strengthens community bonds as parents, siblings, and friends come together to support the young participants.

  5. Educating on Multisport Disciplines: Introducing children to swimming, cycling, and running in a structured event helps them develop basic skills in multiple disciplines. This exposure might spark a lifelong interest in sports and physical activities.

  6. Creating Lasting Memories: Participating in a triathlon is a memorable experience for children. The events are likely to create lasting memories, encouraging a positive attitude towards fitness and an active lifestyle throughout their lives.

  7. Emphasizing Fun and Enjoyment: The term "Fun" in the event's title underscores the emphasis on enjoyment and the non-competitive aspect. It ensures that children view the event as a positive, fun-filled experience rather than a high-pressure competition.

In essence, the UK Kids Fun Triathlons & Duathlons aims to nurture a love for physical activity, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle among children, laying the foundation for a lifetime of well-being and positive habits


Dear UK Triathlon team

I just wanted to say a huge thank from us at St Thomas', the children and parents had an absolutely amazing day.  The feedback from parents has been phenomenal in terms of seeing their children achieve something they never would have normally attempted, also the children have still been buzzing and talking about it (even wearing their medals in school today). It most certainly was an experience they will never forget.

This was a big investment for our school, so from a personal point of view, the event was extremely well organised both prior to and on the day. The UK Tri team made us feel really special throughout the day taking their time to do extra photos and make special announcements etc, this meant a lot to both myself and the children. I can genuinely say that Saturday will be one of my career highlights forever.

The children and myself wanted to send you all a picture of us with our medals to say a big thank you for creating the most amazing memories and giving us the most magnificent sense of achievement.

If I can be of any help in terms in speaking to other schools etc just let me know.

Many Thanks

Louise and Team St Thomas'